“There can be no sustainable development without peace,
and no peace without sustainable development”. (UN statement)

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Project Description

The ‘Take Action’ project was formed with a wish to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and to inspire young people to take action in implementing the goals in their local communities.

In the development of this project, the work was divided into a theoretical part through which study was carried out on the pedagogical methodology used, the 3H model (Head, Heart, Hand), as a basis for creating the educational tool and the guidebook.

The second part, a practical part, was based on three workshops, one in each partner country and a final conference. From the workshops, held in different environments (outdoor/indoor) with different target groups (young people/teachers/youth workers), the team collected resources and feedback that were used in the creation of the tool and the guide, supported by the pedagogical study.

We hope that by using this tool both youth workers and young people will gain useful knowledge about sustainable development goals, the importance of working towards a more sustainable future, and get concrete ideas on how to take action in their everyday lives.

The Partners

  • ACRADE - Salamandra Activa

    ACRADE - Salamandra Activa

    Is a Portuguese non-profit association dedicated to cultural, rural, environmental, and sports fields, organising activities focused on rural tasks to preserve and maintain the land, promote local farming, and care for the natural environment and biodiversity. The working goals of the organisation are in the areas of environment and regeneration, well-being, education and cultural identity, promotion of peace, and citizen participation with young people and the community through non-formal education methodologies.
  • Narviksenteret


    Is a Norwegian non-profit foundation working to promote peacebuilding and human rights. They seek to deepen societal knowledge and understanding of war and peace, international humanitarian law, and human rights through research, documentation, and outreach, based on the history of the Second World War in northern Norway. Their stated vision is "Peacebuilding through knowledge of war".
  • Krzyżowa Foundation

    Krzyżowa Foundation

    For Mutual Understanding in Europe (FK), is a Polish public benefit institution whose statutory purpose is to stimulate and support activities aimed at consolidating peaceful and mutual tolerance of the coexistence of peoples, social groups, and individuals.